Innovative sustainable encapsulation systems  for improving human health and well-being

What the project is about....

The overall research objective of the RISE action ENCAP4HEALTH is to develop innovative concepts for biopolymer-based microcapsules resulting in a new generation of highly functional delivery systems suitable for foods. ENCAP4HEALTH brings together international experts from different disciplines and sectors in a network to foster innovation by sharing knowledge and ideas from research to market.

Specific objectives 

The more specific research objectives of the RISE action are:

  • to overcome limitations of existing materials used in the design of delivery systems by identifying new materials, modifying existing materials and investigating the phase behaviour of mixed matrix systems as well as interactions with functional fillers,
  • to maximise the potential of existing process technologies and adapt them to the more specific requirements of highly sensitive functional ingredients, 
  • to extensively characterise the physical structure of the delivery systems from the macro- to the submicron scale to develop a better understanding of structure-function relationships,
  • to evaluate functionality in an integrated approach by investigating release properties during gastro-intestinal transit and impact on colon cells and colon microbiota.

Methodological approach 

The research program of ENCAP4HEALTH is organised in three areas of research and innovation:

  • Identification of innovative materials, 
  • Smart process systems for tailoring encapsulation systems,
  • Evaluation of formulation and functionality. 

ENCAP4HEALTH is a unique opportunity and seed to build up a sustainable collaborative network, which is open to all interested academic and non-academic organisations. Among the leading companies involved in encapsulation in Europe are global multinational food, chemical and health companies, and also a significant number of SMEs, spin-offs and start-ups. Their innovative concepts, alongside those of academic researchers, have the potential to strengthen the competitiveness and leadership position of Europe in the field of encapsulation technologies and food delivery systems to make a significant contribution to the aims of the European Union in the field of human health